Monday, May 4, 2009

Another great video!!

This past Sunday, I took Nick by himself to church, and then afterwards, we went to my parents house to hang out with my mom and sister.....well.....Nick decided he was going to be the sweetest little boy that day....and do tons of cute things. My mom, Hannah, and I were taking pictures together, and we started noticing when we would tell each other to smile, we would see Nick peaking his head around everyone and smiling BIG himself! So then, once we caught on, we had the camera ready and were counting outloud like we were getting ready to take each others picture. So as you can see in the video, he would act like he wasn't paying attention, and then on the count of 2, he would turn around with a sweet little grin!!! tell me he isn't 1/2 of the cutest twin boys you have EVER laid eyes on!!!

I will try to post some more pictures tomorrow from what they have been up to lately....I'm sorry it's been so long since the last post....getting everything together for our move and then getting settled into our new place was VERY time consuming...much harder to move this time around now that the boys are into everything!! But, I will tell you, they LOVE our new place and you can totally tell a change in their behavior from having so much more room to play!! Not to mention, we can go outside a lot!! Weather permitting, of course....silly Indiana!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

If you need a laugh....

This is the video to watch!!!

Out of the blue the other day I was playing with the boys and found something that makes them laugh uncontrollably! I covered my mouth to make a funny voice and tickled them...and they love it!! Just wanted to share it with you because it's hysterical!! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm finally putting up the pictures I promised!

These are the pictures from the photo shoot with Lindsay!! They are precious!

Noah relaxing with his feet crossed as usual...All this kid is missing is a remote and a sippy!

Nick looking like usual!

Crazy Hair!

Super sweet heart melting smile! Always looks like he has no teeth!

Nicholas with his reading materials :)

The famous Elmo book!!

Noah SOMETIMES will sit long enough for a story...


Yay! Cake!! Please take note that Noah is of COURSE stealing Nick's cake...story of his life!

Dig In!!!!


Oh yea.....cake everywhere!

Shovin' it in his cake hole...haha

Noah was so into his cake that he started putting his feet in it!! haha!

Icing grin!

HAPPY BOY! This is a perfect shot of Noah

Messy ,messy boy

Balloon time!

Clap clap clap!! He loves to clap!

Haha...This picture CRACKS me up!!

We had so much fun getting their pictures taken! It sure made the boys sleepy! haha
Other than new pictures, everything is going pretty well. We are pretty sure some of their back teeth are coming in....and trust me, its NOT fun. Lots of crying, lots of drool, lots of biting...But..hopefully they break through soon and we have more fun baby boys runnin around here! Noah is walking so well and fast now...he loves to walk outside while holding your hand...Nick on the other hand, still wants to be carried walking yet!
We'll put up another update soon!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hold on tight...this is a LONG one!!

I feel like I say this a lot...but sorry for the delay in blog posts! Aside from being busy as usual with the boys, my laptop hasn't been doing so hot lately...but I think it has enough juice in it right now to get out some videos and updates....Once I upload some pictures on here, I will post those as well!!

The first video is from their birthday party. It's of course of the best moment ever, their own little pig cakes!! Shockingly...Noah didn't dive into his like we all thought. But, I think the boys still not feeling well and the 3 inches of pink icing contributed to his lack of "pigging out". If we had thought to take off some of that icing later, it would have been all gone for sure! Either way, it was great to watch both the boys mess around with it!

The next video is from the end of the party...Noah of course being awesome in front of the cameras....and the ladies :) . He is such a silly boy. We are STILL waiting on Nicholas to start walking around like his brother, but for the meantime, he is living it up on the floor...haha. I really think he is the fastest crawling baby ever. But, I also can't believe how FAST Noah is walking now...I swear he is on the brink of running...and this scares me to death!!!

Next video is of one of my Dad's visits to his "little mens". Let me tell you, those boys LOVE their grandpa. They get really, really excited when he shows up at the door and plays rough with them...haha. And its a sure thing that when "Coach" is around, the boys will always be laughing!!

Let's video...oh yes...WE SURPRISED GAMMY AND PAPA!!!! Yes!! Unfortunately the circumstances weren't the best for why Gammy and Papa had to be in Tennesee, but we made the most out of it. At the very last minute, my Dad and I decided to take the boys to Tennesse after their photo session with Lindsay (more on that later!!!). The boys did great considering the long day they had. We got to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Hendersonville, TN late that night and got a tour of their awesome new house. Nick adjusted to their big dogs better than we thought he would!!! We went to bed that night....almost no sleep for Mama because the boys don't sleep the best when they are away from home...don't think they are big "Pack and Play" fans. We woke up the next morning and after we got ready, we took off on another 2 hour drive to surprise Gammy and Papa!! My Uncle Jeff had called and fibbed to them saying that he was there to meet them at KFC to grab some lunch...Dad and I waited inside with the boys, and watched Gammy and Papa walk up and into the store...and we were standing there with the boys and a video camera in hand!! Needless to say, they were totally surprised!! And the boys DEFINITELY did not forget who they were like Gammy was afraid of! They could never forget those two! So we got to spend the rest of the evening with them until we left to go back to my Aunt and Uncle's house to sleep. And I should point out that on our way home, we saw Reba McEntire's house...and HOLY CRAP is it HUGE. Seriously, one of the biggest things I have ever seen in my life! Must be nice Reba!!! Haha. So we went to bed that night to sleep for our big drive home the next day. Chaos ensued the next morning as we all tried to get ready...Noah had followed my dad and Uncle outside and fell off of the steps onto the driveway...scariest thing I have ever had happen to me. Literally made my heart stop and I still don't really remember what happened the first 5 minutes. But, he is a tough little guy and pulled through with a cut up nose and forehead. We stopped SOOO many times on the way home to check on him, he looked like a battered child!! But we were so thankful it wasn't worse than it was! But....with all that being said...We loved surprising Gammy and Papa...and it was really nice to see them!!! We only wish that Grandpa and Pat had been there too, AND Aunt Pauline!! That would have been perfect! on the agenda...the boys are great learners!! So smart! Haha. I have recently taught them some new "tricks" and they are pretty seen on the video below! When you say "I'm not listening" to them, they cover their ears!!! I love it!! haha. Sometimes Nick gets confused and covers his face, but at least he tries!! Haha. Noah is also doing great at waving goodbye when you tell him bye. And just yesterday, Nick started giving me kisses when I ask for them...but I haven't gotten that on tape yet. I swear, these boys are SO MUCH FUN! (most days, hahaha).

Okay...I have more videos...but I will save those for another post soon. Don't want to overwhelm you all with too much cuteness in one sitting! Things have been going great with the boys! As I mentioned earlier, we had their one year pictures taken by Lindsay Johnson. She is also going to be our wedding photographer! The boys really loved her, Nick especially! He is a ladies man! She got some really awesome shots and I can't wait to see them and show all of you! We even took more little cakes there, and they did MUCH better with those will be awesome to see! If anyone ever needs a photographer for anything, USE LINDSAY! She is the best!

Other than that we have been hanging inside due to cold weather until today! It was gorgeous! We played with some bubbles which the boys loved, and Noah got to walk to the car for the first time holding my hand!!! So cute! We are getting excited to move into a different apartment a month from now...and trust me, it can't come soon enough!! Every inch of our place now is filled with when we move, they will have their own room for all of that!! YES.

And lastly, just to update everyone, we are most likely moving the wedding date back a couple months...we just need some more time to get things together! We will be sure to let everyone know what happens for sure!

We love all of you, and thanks for reading their updates!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Sorry...No pictures yet...but while I'm still up, I wanted to tell everyone who came to the party today a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU!! It meant so much to Jared and I to have you all there to celebrate our little guys' big day! The boys very much missed their great grandparents in Florida!!! But they were loving the gifts you sent their way regardless! Thank you!!
We sent out Peas in a Pod invitations and went with a farm theme in the end! WOO! Super cute. The boys each dove into their own "Piggy" cake, complete with hot pink icing and black was hilarious...but the fun soon ended when we realized there was AT LEAST 2 inches of frosting on it!! They got a liiiiitttllle too full on the frosting before they could even really get to the cake...We'll put up those videos soon!
For the most part we all just got to hang around and some good food, and complain about the stupid Walmart Little People cake...Thanks alot for messing up my FIRST birthday cake Walmart!! The best part was watching little Noah walk around like he OWNED the Firemens lodge...and Nick pushing his little car his own attempt of walking. But it was clear as they passed everyone, that they were checking all the ladies out... "HEY LADIES ;)" What a bunch of flirts.

It's so hard to believe that they are ONE YEAR OLD already. I can't even begin to believe how fast the time has gone by...and how much they have changed. I hardly remember a life without the boys in it now...they are such a huge part of Jared and I, and they couldn't be any more perfect! It was just a year ago now that I was sitting at Grandpa and Momo's house crying because Jared was sick when we brought them home, so it was my first night to do it mom and sister came to save me because I didn't think I was ready and didn't know how we would do it!! But now a year later, we've done it!! And I think we've done a pretty good job if I do say so myself. When people see us with the twins they always ask us how we do it's possible...wouldn't it be so much easier with one? We wouldn't want it to be ANY other way! God gave us two at one time for a big reason...and He makes that clear everyday! Nick and Noah are without a doubt the sweetest, funniest, lovable little boys you'll ever meet...and we are so proud they are OUR sons! It's impossible to imagine one without the other. I can't wait to see what they'll be like another year from now, and just wonder what stories we'll have by then!
So I'd just like to thank you all for the roles you have played in our sons' lives, whatever they may be. You are all sooo important and such a big influence on our boys. Jared and I are so lucky for all the support we have here and we don't ever forget that. Something I will always know is that the boys can tell they are loved very much. We couldn't have made it this far without all of you.
Thanks again to everyone who came out for our big day and for all your amazing gifts and cards! The boys came home and got into I can assure you, it is ALL appreciated and will soon be ALL over our apartment floor wherever they can find a spare inch :)

We love all of you!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's OFFICIAL!!! Noah is walking!

He isn't walking everywhere yet, but BOY is he trying! The new shoes from Stride Rite have definitely been a HUGE hit in this house! They are both standing on their own, which Noah has been doing for awhile, but Nicholas has always been a bit unbalanced..haha. Yesterday, Noah was walking all around the apartment! It was amazing. My mom and sister came over for a visit, so we have eye witnesses to the event! I love to watch him! And it's hysterical that he will pretty much walk anywhere for a "treat". haha. Nick is a big supporter of his brother...always clapping! And if you listen closely, most of the time he makes a noise when he claps that sounds like "YAY!!!" Oh, it is soooo cute! We are hoping Nick will start walking soon too so they can both walk around on their birthday!!

The countdown to ONE begins!!! 13 DAYS!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Party information, and some FUN updates!

Hi everyone!!
I hope you all got your birthday invitations! We are so excited for the boys FIRST birthday, and of course, we really hope to get to spend it with all of you! It should be a great time! We are just way too excited to watch them eat cake for the first time! We have dibs on Noah trying to steal Nick's cake :)

We have had a lot of people ask us for ideas for their birthday gifts, so we made another wish-list registry like we had previously done for Christmas. Instead of Babies R Us, we put a few things on Target wish lists. Just search under any of our names! Other ideas from those would be the Fisher Price laugh and learn kitchen, or if you dig the gift cards we seem to always be frequenting The Childrens Place, Target, Kohls and of course the always lovely Walmart :) If you go the clothes route...they are in 12-18 months in most things!

In Unrelated birthday news..haha... NOAH IS WALKING!!! Well...not full on walking, but as close as he's ever been! This has been an incredibly fun week for us so far watching him start this new adventure!! Melissa, my DZ little sis and the boys godmother, came by to visit us on Monday, and Noah took the most steps he ever has! It was one of the best moments in my life! I'm so proud of my babies....I just can't believe how awesome they are! God blessed us with the BEST babies ever, there's no doubt in my mind about that. I can tell that Nick is jealous of Noah's new way of getting around, and we've noticed him standing up more on his I'm sure it's only a matter of time for him too! He doesn't seem to like Noah getting any more attention than he gets!
A few nights ago when I was home alone with the boys...Noah started to get fussy. I looked right at him and he was looking at me and he said "Mama" a few times....I about started bawling. I'm going to put that moment right up there with him walking. It is so amazing! Now, I'm intensely working on Nick to follow suit :)
Jared and I took the boys to the Castleton Mall today to get sized for their new shoes at Stride Rite. Gammy and I had taken the boys a few months ago for their first pair of real shoes, and they both measured to be a size 4...Nick a medium, and of course, Noah a wide..haha. We went today, and they have grown a FULL size, and the shoe we picked out for them had to be an EXTRA wide for Noah!!! Cracks me up.

That's all my bragging for today!! Just wanted to fill you all in on the past couple days! We really hope to see all of you at the party!!! Woo!!